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Unleash your potential with our customised Endodontic Training Program

Exclusive Marathon Hands-on Workshop - Basic to Advanced Endodontics

November 30 - December 3, 2020 || Bengaluru

Demo Under Microscope

✔ Management of complicated root canal treatments
✔ Management of Endodontic Iatrogenic mishaps - gouging, ledge, perforation
✔ Single-visit apexification with MTA

Foundational Endodontics
✔ Internal anatomy of Teeth
- Co-relation of Internal and external anatomy of teeth
✔ Conventional and Advanced Diagnostic aids & Treatment planning
✔ Access cavity preparation and its modification - Principles of Coronal Cavity preparation
✔ Pre-Endodontic restoration
✔ Rubber dam application - Isolation
✔ Laws of Orifice Location
✔ Importance of Coronal Flaring
✔ Glide path preparation
✔ Current methods of working length determination (Endometrics)
✔ Enigma of cleaning and shaping - Principles of radicular cavity preparation
- Instrumentation
- Irrigants
- Medicaments in the root canal
✔ The Third component of endodontic triad
- When to obturate the canal
- Materials used in Obturation
- Dentin Interface before Obturation
- Different methods of Obturating the root canal space
- Tissue Toleranceto Obturating Materials
✔ Management of Endodontic Emergencies

Advanced Endodontics
✔ Ni-Ti rotary instruments Root Canal Treatment
- Minimal access cavity preparations
- Importance of electronic apex locators in working length determination
- Rotary glide path preparations
- Understanding Properties Precautions and Prevention Principles of Ni-Ti rotary Instrumentation
- Sonic and Ultra sonic irrigation protocols
- Thermo plasticised obturation technique

Post Endodontic Restoration
- Crown or no crown
- Cast post vs Fibre post
- Right post space preparation
- Cementation protocol of fibre post and core buildup
- Crown preparation for metal, PFM and all ceramic crowns

Who We Are?
Our training center is distinctive with state of the art equipment, Handsome teaching room handled by an energetic team and committed to providing world-class training programs. The trainees are exposed to develop and improve skills and expertise in providing the best treatment protocols in the field of Endodontics and Aesthetics, as well as extend the post-training guidance to continuously improve the quality of available dental treatments.

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- Dr. Adarsh M S

The Success
Dr. Parth RoyConsultant Periodontist
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Best to learn your endodontic skills with the expert himself...Dr Adarsh... Highly recommended
Dr. Mamtha PrasadEndodontist
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I have attended the Endodontic course conducted by Dr. Adarsh @ Dr. Adarsh Advanced Dental care clinic. It was a good hands on experience, very well organized, detailed and informative. Dr. Adarsh is extremely professional, demonstrates patience, passion and enthusiasm for teaching and instills confidence to learners...!! I would highly recommend this course for dentists who is looking forward to enhance there Endodontic skills in day to day practice ...!!!!
Dr. Aruna KotturshettarSmile Ever Dental Clinic
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I have attended Endo course in Dr Adarsh Advanced Dental Care Clinic conducted by Dr Adarsh. It is very good hands on experience in endodontic treatments, especially rotary endodontics. Dr Adarsh has taught about the various endodontic systems and procedures and protocols to be followed. I recommend this course for dentists who wants to upgrade themselves in endodontics and gain confidence in performing root canals.
Dr. Karthikcharan GowdaDentist
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If you learn 6months of basic and advanced endodontics with Dr adarsh sir, it will be equals to 3 years of learning pg in endodontics. Its an honour to be your student sir Thank u ashwini mam and adarsh sir